Sharing the Gospel message with children of our community takes diligent preparation. As II Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to show thyself approved workmen….”


Child Evangelism Fellowship offers numerous workshops, seminars, and courses to prepare its volunteers to teach God’s Word to children. Sunday school teachers, children’s church workers, and Christian school teachers can also use this training in their individual areas. For over seventy years, CEF has been on the forefront of teacher-training techniques. Based on spiritual and educational principles, the training provides proven methods of leading children to Christ and equipping believers to begin and sustain a ministry to children. Our training sessions range from one day seminars to an in-depth accredited course, Teaching Children Effectively. In addition to training, CEF offers a wide array of Biblically sound teaching materials and tools to present the Gospel.


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Guiding a Child to The Savior Video


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Interested in Training but don’t want to travel?

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